onsdag, februari 20, 2008

Gratis nr av BAR

Biblical Archaeology Society har lagt ut sitt senaste nr av BAR (Biblical Archaeology Review), Mars/April, gratis på sin hemsida. Så här lyder annonseringen av denna nyhet:

March/April BAR is Free and Open Online!
That's right! The entire March/April edition of
BAR is free online. It just got much easier to share your favorite BAR articles with friends. And that's not all. Web exclusive "BAR Extras" will let you dig even deeper into the new issue. After reading BAR's cover story on a scholar's bold identification of a royal seal with the infamous Queen Jezebel, read other related articles on this fascinating woman. View more photos of BAR's intriguing What Is It? item. Read more on Emmaus and about the fascinating phenomenon of house shrines, including background information on the mysterious house shrine featured exclusively in the new issue of BAR. We're proud to share this issue (and its extras) with you. Please share it with others!
Ta chansen här och läs artiklar från världens största tidsskrift om biblisk arkeologi.

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